Saturday, October 5, 2013

Copy Cat Sparkling Daily Cleanse Probiotic Drink

quite similar to the "Kevita" Lemon-Cayenne Daily Cleanse...
which, by the way, is about 3.25 a bottle.

i was tired of spending all that $ AND i was collecting way too many bottles.  so...i decided to experiment with the probiotic lemonade recipe i found HERE at Flock in the City.  a few red pepper flakes and fresh ginger did the trick.


tart crisp vitamin C lemon juice
with probiotic whey...
fresh ginger for a zing that will sooth an ailing stomach after a indulgent meal
AND the spicy red pepper will boost that metabolism.

i'll call this


2 cups fresh lemon juice, strained of pulp (10-12 lemons?)
1 cup whey from strained yogurt
1 cup organic pure cane sugar
1 cup fresh grated ginger...washed, but no need to peel
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
enough filtered water to fill up 1 gallon jug

put 2 quarts filtered water and 1 cup grated fresh ginger in a pot and heat to a boil.  simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes.  turn off  the heat.  add your red pepper flakes while it is hot/warm.  let it all steep for a little while.  taste it.  you might want to strain it before it comes to room temp due to the "heat-spicy" factor....remember, this will have lemon juice and more water added so it can be on the "spicy"side.  then strain it to make "spicy ginger water".

squeeze lemons to equal 2 cups strained juice.

in a one gallon size glass jar (like the one shown) add strained spicy ginger water, 1 cup sugar, 2 cups strained lemon juice and 1 cup whey.  stir until sugar is dissolved.  now add enough filtered water to fill the gallon jar...leave about 1 1/2 to 2 inches, as shown in photo.  i like to cover the top with a double layer of saran and clasp down the lid WITHOUT THE RUBBER GASKET.  this leaves it "almost airtight" but allows air to escape if necessary so that it will not run the risk of exploding due to the carbonation from fermentation.
leave this out on the counter...not in direct sunlight.  it should take 3-4 days in the large jar.  i like to stir it once a day.  after the third day you will see some action...some bubbles.  this is good.  give it a little stir.  now strain this through some cheesecloth into some airtight bottles (lock-top) that are made for carbonated drinks.  i use a ladle  and a funnel because the one gallon jar is very heavy and awkward.  straining is not absolutely necessary, but it keeps the drink a little more clear of the "white cloud" that can settle at the bottom.  i like to use Grolsch Beer bottles or the 32oz lock top bottles.  leave the filled bottles out for another day or two.  check one after a day and see if you have THE FIZZ FACTOR.  open carefully.  be sure to move these to the fridge.  this will definitely slow any further fermentation and carbonation.  the weather can be a factor.  my bottles take a few more days on the counter when it's cooler.
NOTE...i have left some bottles on the counter for an extra 3-4 days to get some good fizz action.  sometimes i get more fizz if the bottle has been in the fridge for a week.  sometimes i get more fizzz from the larger bottles.  sometimes i get fizz in a reused glass "kevita" bottle.  it all has to do with the sugar content, the ripe lemons, the weather, the timing, the bottles etc....

FINAL NOTE...i am fairly new to this.  i am not an expert.  this recipe and method works very well for me.  if you have any questions i will answer them in my novice way, but please google around for more safety issues and or further information.  try the lovely bloggers at Flock in the City and Food Renegade.  also...if you have any input or tricks of the trade...i would love to hear it.

example of locking top covered with a double layer of saran...NO rubber gasket.  this makes it "almost air-tight", but allows pressure to release so there will be no explosions.


Renee Montoya said...

How do you get the whey from yogurt?

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Renee. first you need to choose a yogurt that states "live active" cultures. i like to buy the big 4 cup tub. usually 2 of these. something organic would be good and i always choose fat-free. line a colander with a few layers of cheesecloth or...i use a thin piece of muslin cloth. place colander over a pot or something that will catch the dripping whey. put all the yogurt into the cloth and let it drip. if you can put it in the fridge for a few hour that is perfect. you will have at least a cup of liquid (whey) in the pot and the yogurt will now be delicious thick "greek" yogurt to enjoy.
i hope that helps. please let my know if i can help more...jules

Jules and Ruby said... probably won't need two 4cup tubs...1 will probably get you a cup of whey. i use 2 and do this once a week because i eat A LOT of yogurt. PLAIN yogurt

Renee Montoya said...

Thank you so much!

ErinElizabeth said...

The rubber gaskets on those jars are pretty safe to use. They do a great job of holding in some pressure to encourage fermentation but I have had them release pressure when it got too high. I use them for most of my fermentation and have seen the leaked liquid when I overfilled a jar which proves that they will release pressure before exploding. Mine are the Fido, I don't know if other brands are different but I'd wager they work the same.

I haven't yet found a drink that I actually liked using whey in but I get a lot of it since I make our yogurt and my husband likes it extra thick. I'll give this a try later this week when I make my next batch. I LOVE bubbly ginger drinks.

ErinElizabeth said...

And I meant to say they hold in pressure to encourage carbonation, not fermentation. (Though I have been much happier with the much more airtight results for fermentation too).

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Erin happy to hear from you again. AND thanks for the much appreciated info. i have had varied experience with the rubber gaskets so i play it safe with this's only out there for 3-4 days. BTW...when i was looking around at different blogs about the original fermented lemonade i didn't really get a definitive answer if the top should be "totally air-tight sealed" or loosely sealed. that's one reason i chose the "inbetween method"...but it works well.
ALSO...i found a recipe for LACTO FERMENTED
GINGER ALE that has no lemons, MORE GINGER and 1/2 cup more sugar. i will try that soon check this out--
i think it would be bubbly and gingery and deliciously healthy !

ErinElizabeth said...

I've been using a ginger bug to make my own ginger ale and fruit sodas. As I said I haven't cared for the taste of the whey, and I'm too cheap to use purchased cultures when there's such an easy way to start my own. :)

I can totally understand the playing it safe. I was rather worried until early in my experiments I had that overflow from the gasket sealed jar and that eased my mind significantly. I DO still do the majority of my ferments in a cupboard so that JUST IN CASE something explodes it can contain the glass. Finding out which ferments do better airtight and not is tough, but as far as I can tell most do do well completely airtight with the primary exceptions being kombucha and other homemade vinegar which I believe require air to process properly.

I rather like the rubberband + plastic wrap to achieve the pressure release capable airtight seal. I don't recall seeing that before and I'll probably have opportunity to use that as I occasionally run out of my fido jars or want to ferment in an unusual size. In those cases I usually just use mason jars but I've had many more incidences with mold in those cases than in the airtight jars so it might help.

I've been enjoying reading about your experiments in fermentation. Mine started with the realization of how much cheaper the homemade versions were too and I've loved being able to experiment and while I admit to chucking many early batches due to simply being afraid to eat it I now have a lot more trust in my bodys natural ability to tell when a ferment really has gone bad.

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Erin Elizabeth...thanks again for all your great input. i hope others read through the comments. it's great to hear about others experience.
i DO love the "ginger bug" ginger ale, but the waiting killed me. although it was the BEST ginger ale i have ever tasted. i'll try this whey approach and see what happens. i always have whey because i make my own yogurt or i get lazy and strain store-bought organic to get thick greek.
i so wish you had a blog with all your trials, experiments and knowledge so i could follow along.
"til then i hope i come up with more interesting things for you to follow....jules

ErinElizabeth said...

I did start a blog to share pictures and stories of my little munchkin when I moved away from my family. Yeah.. I think it's been two years since the last update (and we only moved away three years ago). Blogging really just isn't my thing. :)

ZeeKhana Khazana said...

The Grolsch Beer bottles and cool drinkable liquid is attracting me. I will experiment this little trick but looking for more stuff regarding indian food recipes from various blogs.

Amy Stewart said...

Other probiotic foods would be Yakult.. Which is wonderful, it creates probiotics as well as antitumor and anticancer properties! You can do this yourself in large food grade glass containers :)

Raniya Sheikh said...

wooww.. love the this flavor of lemon and ginger in drink.. its really very refreshing.
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Stepahnie said...

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried using maple syrup in place of cane sugar?

FoodPorter said...

nice article brother i like it....

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Arlene B said...

I have tried this recipe twice now. The first batch, I got scared and threw out. However, I have done all the steps exactly, and it is the 3rd day, no bubbles, but what looks like a white film that *might* be mold? Is it safe to skim off the mold and continue? I hate to waste all my ingredients and efforts (yes, I bought a gallon of milk, made cheese kurds and the whey).

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