Saturday, October 31, 2009


calling all chocolate lovers...
with an easy peezy chocolate glaze.
and a few spicy pecans thrown in for good measure. you know, i wonder where that saying originated from..."a little more for good measure"...measure of what exactly?...
MY SANITY?...if a few more of anything could keep me sane, then i'm all for it.

these cupcakes are great. as a matter of fact, this type of cake is my new favorite. i think it's because of the melted chocolate and butter added to the batter. it definitely adds to the moist factor. i have made a white chocolate mud cake (whole cake) a few times and LOVED it. it's so dense just a small piece will do and it makes such a good base for decorating. i even thought of making petite fours and making each one all cute and pretty, but lost the erge as soon as i had it. soon. BUT this time i though i'd try cupcakes. the texture is unlike a regular cupcake. a little less flakey-a little more crumbly. i think if i had pulled them out just a few minutes before, they would have been more like the dense white cake version i was thinking of. don't get me wrong...these are killer good.
i really recommend the glaze as well. it's so easy and it holds up so well. i was able to individually wrap each cupcake in a baggie. the glaze is so nice and smooth that it didn't stick all over the place like a normal frosting would. yet, the glaze is still soft to the bite, it doesn't harden like a shell.
300g dark chocolate
300g unsalted butter
5 eggs
125 caster sugar
115g self-rising flour
preheat oven to 160 celsius
place 14-16 paper muffin cups in tin
in a med. bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water, melt the choc. and butter together, stirring well so as not to seize up on the sides. when melted remove and let cool a little as you prep.
beat the eggs and sugar together in a large bowl untill pale and thick. fold in the flour and then stir in the melted chocolate mixture untill well blended. (i used a mixer for the whole process)
spoon the mixture into the cups and bake for 15 minutes. the cupcakes should be soft and gooey in texture and appearance. i left mine in just a bit longer, being my 1st time and all, and they came out great...just a bit more puffed. maybe less gooey. remove from the oven and let cool befor glazing or frosting.
1 c. chocolate chips
1 can condensed milk (14oz.)
1 tsp vanilla
melt the choc. and con. milk together. i like the double boiler method
add the vanilla and stir well....DONE!
pour or spoon over what ever you are magnificently with BUNDTS. i used it here on this quintuple choc. cake
you can even use a few coatings if you like it thick. i did on the cupcakes...and as i said, i doesn't harden to the bite, but it does dry and make easy to handle or cover it need be.


Stephanie said...

Oh man... these look amazing!

TheyLookSoGood IwantToTry said...

thanks for sharing the recipe.
question: do you buy sweetened condensed milk or unsweetened? How big of a can? They come in 2 different sizes in my store.

Ninette said...

My goodness. You make the most decadent things!

Jules and Ruby said...

thanks you guys...i can't wait to try more flavor combos. "theylooksogood..." it calls for sweetened con. milk and i think the can is 14-15 oz. i've only seen it one way at my market. i hope you make these and or use this glaze...soooo easy.

Debs said...

Oh these look divine. Just finished toast for breakfast and now I'm craving chocolate LOL

Karly said...

These sound great!

Justin said...

these really do look awesome

Ninette said...

Hi, come on over to my blog and see your Over the Top award. While you don't have to feel compelled to give out other Over the Top awards, I just wanted to recognize how much I love your blog.

Dina said...

these look adorable!

Passionate Mae said...

This really caught my eyes!
i'm going to make them now!!
cant wait!!!

Jules and Ruby said...

Mae...i hope they come out delicious. thanks for stopping by

Passionate Mae said...

Hey jules,
Thanks for your recipe.
Here's my version of it.

It's really moist and i've made them twice already!

Alex said...

Is this the same recipe you used for the white chocolate mud cake you mentioned? It looks absolutely divine, and the recipe really looks just like what I'm looking for. I really need a GOOD mudcake - so many recipes I've tried look unnecessarily complicated and they turned out more like a chocolate cake than a mud cake. I hope to try this one as one entire cake instead of the cupcakes. Meanwhile, I cannot get over how good your gingerbread cake recipe is!!!

Jules and Ruby said...

Alex...i wish i could find that white chocolate mud cake recipe. darn it. i forgot which one i use and i need a white cake recipe. i'll keep looking. i usually leave a link in the post, bad...thanks for stopping by

Cynthia said...

These definitely have that lick-ability factor. Must try!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a caster?

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Anonymous...
"caster sugar"'s a super fine sugar. not to be confused with powdered sugar. i'm pretty sure you could make your own by whizzing some granulated sugar in a processor. hope that helps.

Must see Movers in San Antonio information said...

That was delicious and worked perfectly. I made it with chunky peanut butter so I would feel like it had some kind of chips in it. Yum.

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