Sunday, October 25, 2009


when i say easy...i mean EASY!!!
i've introduced this little fudge recipe secret before and will probably be bringing it up quite a few more times during these next few candy making months. so bear with while i try to come up with some more tasty, interesting and sometime odd flavors, shapes and sizes. BUT, for now, here's a shortcut to impresive truffles.
BIG secret?!...1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk
3 c. chocolate chips
1 t. vanilla
pinch salt
i prefer the double boiler mehtod. melt the chips and condensed milk together 'till smooth. stir alot so that the chocolate won't seize. when everything is melted
stir in the vanilla and salt. this is the time you can add anything you want. spice? heat? nut? craisins? etc...
transfer into a clean bowl/dish at refrigerate for a few hours. this is the same recipe for the easy peasy fudge i love to make, but instead of cutting into squares you just get your hands in there and roll little balls. then immediatly roll in what ever outer coating you chose. nuts are always a good choice (i like toasted almonds) or sprinkles or good ol' cocoa powder. DONE...
i'm not saying these are going to turn out like fancy delicate ganache truffles, but they are pretty darn good and definitely pass as a yummy treat.


elizabeth said...

yikes, these things look beautiful. -like trouble, if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Oh these look wonderful...your photos are lovely. I was just wondering what the keeping time would be for long would you be able to keep them in the fridge?? Thanks. :)

Jules and Ruby said...

hi anonymous...i seem to remember these kept for a week or so (i had found a few in the back of the fridge that got left behind). the chocolate area that was visable wasn't quite as shiney. when i made fudge from the same recipe it kept for a couple of weeks. it was a while ago, but i think that's right. thanks for stoppping by.

Anonymous said...

Can you use *dark* chocolate chips? My husband dislikes milk chocolate.

Jules and Ruby said...

hi anonymous...yes, i think dark dark chocolate would be even better...i think i used semi sweet chips. maybe i'll make some more soon with good dark chocolate.

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