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i never thought i'd see the day that i could honestly say...I LOVE TOFU !

well, i'm not really that in love with it...i am a pork lover that's for sure. if you can wrap it in bacon or cook it with duck fat i'm all over it. hey...i think the next tofu creation/experiment will have to be confit tofu wrapped in bacon...hmmmmm good idea, i might try that this weekend. but seriously, i do really like this recipe. if you're a little unsure about the tofu try it with chicken, i did and it was super fabulous. friends told me it was one of their favorites and demanded the recipe.


i found this while googling around for recipes with TOFU. i guess Daring cooks took on the satay challenge a while back and i came across this great idea from a fellow blogger... Mango & Tomato. i've always loved satay with it's yummy peanut dipping sauce so this seemed like a safe way to break into the world of TOFU
below is just the satay marinade recipe i found at Mango & Tomato. i'm sure her peanut sauce is fabulous, but i used another due to ingredients on hand. the one i made turned out incredibly finger lickin' good.
1/2 small onion
2 garlic cloves
2 cm piece of ginger
2 T lemon juice
1 T soy sauce
1 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp ground turmeric

1. Puree all ingredients in the food processor (how easy is that?).
2. Marinade cubed tofu covered for 2 hours in the refrigerator.
3. Saute the tofu on all sides till golden brown (I used coconut oil).
i only used 1 block of tofu, but this is enough for 2
if using chicken (1.5-2 lbs boneless, skinless) cut in large cubes
i sauteed the tofu
i skewered and grilled the chicken
tip for chicken...wrap in foil as soon as it's just done to keep in moisture)
found here at Recipekitchen

1/2 cup peanut butter, creamy (i used 1/4 creamy and 1/4 chunky)
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup soy sauce
4 garlic cloves, minced
3 Tbl. lemon juice
2 Tbl. brown sugar
3/4 tsp. ground ginger (i added a little grated fresh ginger as well)
1/2 tsp. red pepper, crushed flakes
heat all ingredients in a sauce pan on low-medium heat. stir well about 5 minutes so all flavors will meld. add more water if it's too thick. it will thicken as it cools so if serving at room temp. be aware of this. the sauce saves well for leftovers. just give it a stir and a reheat.
to my amazement the tofu held up quite well the following day. good as new with a quick microwave (don't over nuke)..quite resilient i must say.
i will definitely be making this again, with both TOFU (in the fridge right now) and with Chicken. it's easy and a sure bet for Satay lovers. keep the recipe out because you'll be asked for it i'm sure.


Tia said...

that looks absolutely fantastic. i love tofu to begin with, so these are heavenly to me :)

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful! I LOVE tofu - it's one protein I never get sick of! I also enjoy your blog!

Happy baking!
p.s. Cute dog!

Alina said...

Incredible tofu fritters! I'm not a big fan of tofu but I couldn't resist it when it's so golden-brown and yummy.

my boyfriend cooks for me said...

They make something similar (called "peanut fondue") at an asian fusion restaurant near me, and every time I go there I need to order it. So awesome to know that I could easily make it at home when I get a craving!

Carolyn Jung said...

Love the crispy exterior of those golden tofu squares. And with creamy peanut sauce? I am sooo trying this! ;)

Isabelle said...

I used to order a very similar tofu dish at one of my favourite neighbourhood restaurants - it's totally addictive, and I've yet to meet anyone who didn't change their mind about tofu after trying it. Can't wait to try it at home, now that I've got a recipe!

Cara said...

This is some seriously gorgeous tofu. I really need to make it more often!

Justa Thought said...


I'm writing you this because you're a good person, concerned about the planet and animals and such.

When I clicked "print" on this post (which I had been drooling over for days) it printed the recipe, plus two pages worth of comments... and 21pages of nothing but the photos on the side. 25 pages altogether, just so I could have the recipe to use in the kitchen??? Yikes!

It's those food pictures you keep adding down the side. Yes, this is a food blog and yes, they are beautiful. (You're a wonderful cook.) But for those of us unsuspecting folks who want to print it out, could you either add a widget that allows for a "printable recipe" (and eliminates all the excess wasted pages--because your gorgeous pictures aren't that great when reduced to black and white) or eliminate some of those pictures.

Yer killin' the trees, GF! Please?

Jules and Ruby said...

just a thought...thanks for the heads up. i will look for the widget for easy printing. i always cut and paste to print so i wasn't aware of the problem. i'm not too blogger savy so i'll get some help with that. thanks for stopping by.

Just a Thought... again said...

Jules, even with "cut and paste," (which I just did because I needed to print this out before I hit the store tonight on the way home) after I pasted, I had to change the color of the print because it was pale gray.

So that's cut, paste, and recolor. A lot of us are fairly lazy people. (I just really want to start eating tofu and this particular dish looks good to me.)

jules and ruby said...

just a thought. i'm so sorry about this problem. i want you to enjoy this recipe. i've been searching for a printer friendly gadget to no avail, but will continue 'till i find it. thanks again for your interest.

Just a Thought said...

You've made it look so appealing that I'm definitely going to try it. I'm having friends over for an "Adventures in Eating" dinner next Sunday night and this is on the menu.

Gorgeous blog, truly, Jules. :)

Christine said...

Hi, We'd love to feature this recipe on our website. Please email us at at your convenience.

~Lana B.~ said...

Ok, so I made your recipe. It was my very first attempt at fried tofu as well as peanut sauce. IT ROCKS!!! My kids and I devoured about 3/4 of it immediately and my friends devoured the rest later that evening! My friend, who's husband is an avid "foodie" cook, liked this peanut sauce better than anything her husband ever made. I sent her a link to your blog so she could make it herself. Hands down a hit! Thank you SO much for sharing this w/ us!!!!

jules said...

hi Lana B.
thanks so much for the report back. I'm so glad you liked it as much as i do. hope you stop by again. have a great thanks giving

*Veganopolis* said...

OMG I just had this dish at a vegetarian restuarant and loved it...thank you so much for posting the recipe!! Can't wait to try it!!! xx

Leah said...

This looks exactly like what i was looking for to cook tonight! Thanks for the recipe :D

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Leah...i hope you like it and maybe see you back for a report?

Pro Carpet Cleaning said...

Tofu only works if it's cooked well - this looks like it's exactly that!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Pro Carpet...thanks for stopping in

Anonymous said...

I would really love to know the nutrition facts before I make this. It looks so so good. Especially want to know how many carbohydrates. Thank you.

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Anonymous...i wish i had an answer for you. i never did a break-down of nutrients for this recipe. a good site to check would be calorie counter? the dish as a whole is pretty healthy if your not afraid of peanut fat or the oils for sauting. i say enjoy in moderation knowing you are eating something homemade and healthy. have a great week...thanks for stopping in.

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