Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Turkish Coffee Truffles

pretty easy, a little messy...
fun to make and people are always AMAZED that you made such a "decadent candy".

truffles are definitely a great gift item and are sure to impress everyone.  something about them screams decadence...why?...i don't know.  it's just a ball of rich creamy expensive dark chocolate lightly coated in another layer of rich dark chocolate, lightly roasted nuts or something else wonderfully delicious...what could be so good about that ?...!


everything is good about truffles...period!

this flavor combo reminds me of Turkish Coffee...i love Turkish Coffee...powerful stuff.  thick dark coffee, a hint of cardamom and sweetened with a big spoonful of raw sugar...YUM !  you have to know just the right moment to stop sipping or you get a mouthful of sludge.  did you know that there are people who know how to read your coffee (sludge) grounds?  it's just like the Chinese read tea leaves.  you turn your cup upside down on a napkin and your future could be discovered...  ive never had it done, but maybe i'll come across the opportunity sometime...i hope.

once you get the hang of it the flavor combinations are endless.
just a few weeks ago i made some i found from Giada De Larentiis for Dark Chocolate Balsamic Truffles...
for  a healthy version try Chocolate Coconut Healthy Truffles

there IS a Truffle out there for everyone...


250 grams GOOD chocolate...i used 1 large bar of Valorona 61% 
1/2 cup heavy cream
10 smashed cardamom pods
1 star anise
1/2 rounded tsp instant espresso
1/2 tsp vanilla

put the cream into a small saucepan with the smashed cardamom pods and star anise over med heat and bring to almost boil...do not let boil. let this sit and steep to room temperature.
chop the chocolate in even small pieces
strain the pods from the cream,  add infused cream to chocolate and melt together in a double boiler, stirring until incorporated...no visible lumps
take off the heat and add vanilla extract, instant espresso and stir until incorporated.  taste test...i added just a small dash of ground cardamom because i didn't taste the cardamom enough(i only used 5 cardamom pods...it was my first time using pods)
pour this mixture into a smaller bowl and let cool just a bit before moving to fridge.
**most recipes say to chill in fridge for 1 hour, then remove and let sit out for 2 hours...
**NOTE...this did NOT work for me.  
i suggest you give this a try...let the chocolate cool to room temp, stir it up a bit (i recently saw a show where the chef beat the chocolate with a hand mixer for a minute or so before chilling in the fridge) then cover and chill in fridge for a few hours, or until completely firm.  then remove and let sit out over night..(it might be too hot during the day to set)

when it is easy to scoop...should be about like ice cream...make little balls and drop them in a dish filled with cocoa powder, chopped pistachios, toasted almonds or what ever you like.  gently roll them around to coat.  place them on a parchment or wax paper lined tray.  best to put them back into the fridge for a bit.  i like to do about 4-5 then put them in the fridge so they don't get a flat bottom while sitting out.   just remember to take them out and bring to room temperature before serving.


the southern hostess said...

These could not be more perfect. Now I'll be craving truffles all day.

Jules and Ruby said...

thank you so much Southern Hostess

Tres Delicious said...

Your truffles look great. Now am craving for them

OvertimeCook said...

Those look incredible. I'd love to try them!

I found your blog through TasteSpotting, and I really like it! I definitely plan to be back. Beautiful pictures too!

Russell at Chasing Delicious said...

These truffles look incredible! Especially the one with the pistachios on the outside. My gosh I have to try these asap. Great shots too. Thanks for sharing!

Aaisha @BakingPartTime said...

Have to agree with Russell... the truffles with the pistachios look amazing! I'm always up for coffee with chocolate or spices with chocolate... so I may be making these very soon :) Just tried a batch with honey a few days ago and those came out fantastic. I love how versatile truffles can be.

Anonymous said...

How many truffles does this make? Need to make some for a dinner party for 20 some people!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Anonymous...i think you could get about 22-26 truffles. i've been making truffles again lately...when i start with 9oz of chocolate i can get about 24 give or take. you could stretch that # by rolling them in nuts because you can make the chocolate ball smaller. i hope that helps...J

Tony @ Babucho Newcastle said...

These look so amazing, love truffles.

Liza said...

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