Sunday, May 31, 2009

CHERRY CLAFLOUTIS...and half healthy to...

i gotta say...i'm quite proud of my self on this one...clafloutis have intrigued me for many years. besides the fact that i never spell it right, i hardly even pronounce it correctly.

if you didn't know how good it's gonna be you'd think it was a big deflated mistake.

i'll be back with the recipe...

Saturday, May 30, 2009


FINALLY!...something savory
i had so much fun with the rich savory aromas wafting around the kitchen...i think i was in an aroma coma!...a baker's black-out you might say...
i came across this great recipe @
loads of yummy stuff in this blog. can't wait to try more.
my "no recipes" version...
i used a little less ground turkey
added 2-3 shredded chicken breasts cooked on BBQ
and pinto beans (i thought they would hold up better through the week)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


apple cake?...not tart?...not so much...layered apple goodness?...exactly!

can make for a nice impressive presentation, BUT i would recommend cutting it out of spectaters view...although if you had a nicely sharpened knife (i don't...on the list of things to-do) it might cut just fine. it's knid of a rustic looking thing anyways, so who cares what your slice looks like when it's goin' down.

the sides are beautiful and cakey looking. i think the scallopped tart dish is the best way to go. i was going to try this in a spring form, but glad i opted for the pretty one.

layers and layes of yummy golden delicious apples. this looks like it could double for a potato gratin.

as seen in the photo, i thought it would be more cake-like..., but it really was more...hmmmm....clafouti-ish inside.

end results ???...
i might try this again...i might try cooking it a bit longer...i might try a little less apples and maybe chunkier slices to allow the batter more room to cake-up...hmmmm more thoughts later...
many thnaks to fellow foodie IRENE for this recipe
found here...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

white chocolate butterscotch toasted pecan cookies

i'm always looking to have just a little something in my sweets that could be considered...good for you? well, i found this old fashion chocolate chip oatmeal recipe at BIGOVEN, so i bake these puppies up and dole 'em out saying, "sure, have another....they're good for ya". i definitely wouldn't consider this an oatmeal cookie so don't be put off for that factor, but it has just a little, so there ya go....a little healthy.

by the looks of the dough, i thought i might have overdone it a bit with the goodies. the finished product came out just right, although i think i could have added even more toasted pecans.

this is a great recipe to play around with...
this time, as you can see, i used white chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and toasted pecans...(personally, i think toasting is important)
the recipe makes about 90-95 medium cookies
you decide if you prefer crunchy or chewy or maybe a bit of both
the bigger they are, the softer the center

Friday, May 22, 2009

baked french toast

i believe this picture says it all....

all i can say about this is.....YUMMMMmmmmm!!!!

it's quite pretty on top. it would make for a nice presentation if you cooked it in an attractive baking dish.

ok...i had to stick this one in.

my serving looks way too much like that character RUBY in the background...

in a hurry...will post more about this in a while, BUT here is where i found this KILLER recipe
at the Mountain High Yogurt website (click for link)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

quick n' simple CHERRY CAKE PIE

this ROCKS!

big winner at my house...and so easy too.

it was fun to watch how it just randomly puffed up where ever. even though i evenly spread the dough and then the topping i could tell it was gonna have a mind of it's own.

each serving has it's own little personality. lotta cherry, little cake, lotta cake, hint of cherry, then there's the 50-50. any way you cut it every bite is good...AND you can definitely change it up with different pre-made pie fillings or go all fresh...
i found the recipe here with many thanks and kudos to the writer

Thursday, May 14, 2009


a perfect recipe for a first time tart. actualy, i dodn't think you could go wrong with this one...easy crust, easy filling, but you do want to watch it towards the end in the oven so as not to burn the we all know is too easy to do.

recipe found here... many thanks to "Our Best Bites"

this is one deliciously dence "spot on"crunchy almond, chewie toffee, buttery crust tart. it would definitely be a winner at any party, but i fear it would not make it out of the house.

i must say, i'm a little proud of my first tart. the shell, or crust, is simple and quick. it turned out quite crumbly, but maybe that's my fault for not pressing it down enough. maybe it's supposed to be that way because it did turn out light and good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


kind of a biscotti (baked twice), kind of a granola bar...kind of crunchy, kinda soft....kind of sweet, kind of savory...

BUT full of healthy goodness with a surprising little kick. shhhh, i snuck in a little cheyenne pepper. i think it just adds another layer of flavor to something that is capable of being quite ordinary. ya know what i mean?

i stared with this recipe i found while parusing Tastespotting.

i pretty much just used some of evrything nut and seed wise that i had in the house...mine has roasted salted almonds, walnuts, spicey pecans from Trader Joe's, pumpkin and sesame seeds.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


ahhhhh, back in the saddle again.....i was in Mexico, and NO i didn't get the swine flu. we kinda did wish the airports were closed so we'd have to stay longer. it was sooooo fabulous and beautiful, a great time had by all (my friend, 3 dogs and myself...just keepin' it simple).

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