Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The UGLY Scary Halloween Candy GOOEY Brownie

soooo GOOD
so FUN!
what do you do with all your leftover Halloween candy? besides sit around eating it one piece at a time untill you can feel the cavities drilling holes in your teeth? OR, do you find yourself waking from a sugar coma with malt balls stuck in your hair?
well, i thought i'd get rid of mine in one fell swoop...
gather up all the "unwanteds" (of course, i kept out the Reeses and the Heath Bars) and throw them in a brownie.

better yet..

for REAL effortless quick candy disposal...grab your favorite brownie mix...mine is Ghirardelli's Triple Chocolate

mix 1/2 of it in the dough

bake for just 12-15 minutes under the correct full cooking time

remove from oven and top with the other 1/2 plus some mini marshmallows never hurt

back in the oven for approx 12-15 minutes

let cool completely before cutting.

cutting them in neat little brownie size squares is kind of a difficult task, to say the least. mine got a bit to melted because i underestimated the brownie cooking time and the topping was in just a bit too long. it's all good...just made them uglier...

and we all know ugly can be a beautiful thing.

as you might guess, the topping is quite gooey, crispy, sticky and just plain ol' hard to cut through without smashing the brownie cake. it really depends on what kind of candies your throwing in.

mine was Malted Milk Balls, Candy Corn, Hershey's Cookies and Creme and the mini marshmallows. the marshmallows were a great add because they ended up getting a little toasty like a camp-fire treat. the candy corn melted and the milk balls deflated. the cookies and creme disappeared into the chocolate abyss.

i must say...i kinda threw this together as a joke. i thought if i pagage them with the "UGLY" disclaimer i could just say "i warned you" if they didn't go over to well, but i already got 3 rave reviews..."best thing ever". and "please slip me another one of those ugly things tomorrow if you have any left" and another said "it was "PUNK ROCK BAKING at it's best"

so...the Reeses and the Heath Bars are next up on the chopping block...


Bruce Bills said...

Ahaha, it certainly doesn't look good, it's a bit of a mess but it certainly looks sweet and tasty. Still, with all those sweet stuff after Halloween, it might be a great opportunity to get your teeth cleaned by the dentist as well. There might be a lot of candy eating, so better be safe than sorry, right?

Christi @ Love From The Oven said...

My name is Christi Johnstone. I write the blog Love From The Oven and am also a contributing editor at Tip Junkie. I am working on a recipe round featuring great recipes to use up Halloween candy.

We love your Ugly Scary Halloween Candy Gooey Brownie, and wondered if it would be okay to share them with the Tip Junkie readers. We would share one photo, with credit to you and a link back to the recipe on your site. The recipe would not be posted on Tip Junkie, just the link to find the recipe sending them over to see you. It would follow the same format as this post: http://www.tipjunkie.com/rice-krispies-treats/. We hope to drive some traffic to your great site!

If you could please let me know either way if this is okay with you, that would be great!

Thank you so much,
Christi Johnstone

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