Monday, August 10, 2009


ahhh..finally, i think i got this one right...
the imfamous BAKEWELL TART
2nd try, but the first was so disapointing that i thought the English might have failed on this one...because, of course it just couldn't have been MY fault...right?
i definitely owe this one to Natilie @ Natilie's Killer Cuisine
for some reason her recipe, discription and photos caught my eye and made me want to try again. i also saw a ton of beautiful examples at for the daring baker's challenge. that reminds me...i still have to try to get into the daring bakers and sign up.
this little english nibble was so good i can't wait for the opportunity to try another combo of flavors. so many ideas from the challenge.
i do love this combo with the apricot jam. i used Bonn Maman. i think the key is to use really good jam, one that you really like AND my secret weapon was GOOD almond flour. the first time i used almond meal from Trader Joe's (absolutely NOTHING wrong with this, but just not for this recipe) Trader Joe's...anyway, i found some beautiful blanched almond flour/meal at a Persian store in Irvine. nice and white and finely ground. i have yet to try to grind it myself. i'm afraid i'll end up with almond butter.
i wont get into the recipe or discription, because it was explained all too well in all the challenge blogs. i DO suggest trying a bakewell tart of your choice. once you try FRANGIPANE ANYTHING i know you'll become obsessed with it and start searching out other recipes involving this yummy almondy rich goodness.


A Bowl Of Mush said...

I love bakewell tarts! This one looks great!

Williams said...

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