Tuesday, June 2, 2009


wham !!!...right back to my lunchbox, i think it was a partrige family one with a matching thermos, 2nd grade, mrs. rabbit was my teacher and my pixie haircut

this is what you'd call a "SIDE-BAR"!!!...sorry i had to...just had to...

as you can see, the sides get quite dark...do not be afraid, . it's just the jam carmelizing. i think i might have even taken mine out just a touch early b'cuz the base layer could have had more time. i looked at it today and it's really moist. it could just be the oils in all the peanut butter relaxing it's way through the dense dough.

i always get the best ideas from tastespotting...one might say i was addicted...i would say, "I AM ADDICTED!". i found this one @ http://cocobeanandme.blogspot.com/2009/03/peanut-butter-jelly-timeumm-i-mean-bars.html

even though it's a Martha Stewart recipe, it's nice to see that someone other that the perfection queen has tried it and they liked it. i didn't change a thing so the recipe is at cocobeanandme if you're interested.

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Coco Bean said...

Aww, thanks Jules and Ruby! I'm really glad you liked them. Yours came out so perfect and square! I am also addicted to tastespotting... well that and coffee!

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