Monday, April 13, 2009

SCONE HENGE whole wheat, olive oil, dried plums

is it just me, am i totally off my rocker?...i tell ya, sometimes i just bust myself up...i'm sittin' there taking this picture, thinking hmmmm this looks like Stone Henge..BUT WAIT !!!

it's "SCONE HENGE"...okay, come's pretty funny

these turned out beautiful with a little egg wash with raw sugar sprinkled pre-bake.

some people say just to score the triagles and not separate, but i was wondering if it might hamper the raise...also, i like the kinda crispy texture all the way around, so i cooked mine serparated.

sooo happy that i found these... the only thing i changed was... i used prunes/dried plums instead of berries and i subed splenda for the 1 Tbsp sugar. also, i used milk 'cuz i didn't have buttermilk.

BIG thanks to "dinnerwithjulie"!!!

i wanted to do everything pretty much as instructed since i have NEVER made scones i'm hooked, and so is my whole family. even my nephew, james, who's 12 and usually likes the more normal teen-kid gooey stuff said it was delicious. i believe my mother servered it to him with butter and blueberry preserves...AND, get this...she called the prunes baby dried plums. i guess a kid would think prunes are kinda gross and only for "old people". does that make me old ???!!!....

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