Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pig Tails. Asian Marinade, Braised and Roasted

nose to TAIL

we're talkin' PIG TAILS...

PHAT ! FATTY fabulous !

done them before (BBQ Style HERE) and i'll do them again.  this not for the weak, diet conscious, cholesterol high, tenderloin pansy palate bacon only-vegetarians.


not what you'd expect them to look like ?...

NO, they aren't those cute little curly things on adorable little baby piggies you see in cartoons.

porky, meaty, unctuous and fatty.

Shhhh....pig tails are still a CHEAP cut of the pig.
4 lbs. for about 6 bucks !

i just cooked the PIG SNOUTS in a Spicy Mexican Chipotle Adobo so i thought i would go Asian-style with these.  i thew together this marinade.  it worked very well for the braise and dipping sauce as well.  use whatever marinade you see fit, i'm sure it will be as tasty as ever with all this porky fatty goodness that comes together after hours of cooking.

1/2 cup soy
1/4 cup honey
2 big Tbsp brown sugar
juice 1 orange
zest pieces from 1/2 orange, use a potato peeler
6-7 thin slices of ginger
1 scallion, sliced
3 cloves smashed garlic
3 inch piece of smashed lemon grass
1 tsp chili garlic sauce

heat this in a small pot for a few minutes to get the flavors together and let it cool to room temp before pouring into bag of tails.  don't forget to do a taste test.
i had too many tails for 1 bag AND not quite enough marinade.  this was 4 lbs. of tails!!!  i split the contents and i had to substitute in a little Soy Vay Hoisin Garlic Sauce/Marinade.

seal the bag with as little air as possible, put into a pan to prevent leakage and place in the fridge over night.  try to turn the bag if you're up and about.


put in oven proof dish that will fit all the tails.  add marinade and liquid tails were in.  if it doesn't seen like enough you can add some stock, but as you can see i might have had just 1/2 inch of liquid...that worked great.  i would have used a huge cast iron dutch oven with a lid, but it was just too big so i put them in a pyrex glass dish in one layer.  i will probably have to check on them every hour to make sure the braise liquid is still there.
cover TIGHT with aluminum foil and they are ready for the 300-320 F oven

i started the oven at 320 F, but didn't realize it was on convection.  after an hour i peeked...they were already getting a lovely golden brown.  i turned convection OFF and lowered to 300 F for another hour.  the last hour was down to 280 F (i had to go to the sore and didn't want to over do it)
they should be done when you can easily pull a piece of the bone from the meat.

seriously...i could not stop eating them straight out of the dish.  i might have over done it on my PHAT quota for the week.

once again, my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  i packed some away with the delicious braising liquid for another application...something with pickled slaw, kimchi?, noodles...
or maybe a pulled pig tail banh mi ?


~mel said...

Oh my ~ if my hubby wasn't married to me he'd have to marry you! Pig tails would be right up his alley :) I never made them but I bet he'd eat those. lol I'm saving your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

Jules and Ruby said...

hi mel...come brave...give them a try...pleeeeze. if anything, you'll sure get a good laugh

-Will- said...

I'm so happy I found your blog. It was the pig snout that caught my eye, since I get a little tremor when ever I pass it at Super H :) I've done the ears and tails but I'm not nearly done yet. I think I'll try the snout terrine this weekend. Oh and I'll be back !!!
-thanks, Will-

Jules and Ruby said...

hey Will...sorry i'm late!
so glad to hear from another adventurous eater!
i hope you DO come back and tell me how the SNOUT goes...YAY...please please!!!

plastikiniai langai said...

very nice info, i am glad to see :)

paizley said...

I just made some tails for lunch. Instead of marinating as a separate step, I put the tails and marinade in the slow cooker on high just until it bubbled, then to low and let it bubble a little more, then down to warm and left it overnight. The aroma wafted around the house as I slept, teasing, teasing. In the morning I removed them from the liquid and let cool. Next they go into the iron skillet under the broiler at 400°, center oven. Just keep an eye on them. The tails will start sputtering like bacon and almost have a bacon-y smell. They will be tender from being in the slow cooker. You're adding crispness by broiling. I serve the tails on basmati rice with a Thai sweet and sour chili sauce, garnished with fresh chopped Thai chili and scallions.

Thanks for sharing!

Patricia Carter said...

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