Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Easiest Homemade SCOBY for Homemade Kombucha


go out and buy a bottle of GT's ORIGINAL RAW KOMBUCHA

pour it into a sterilized 1 quart jar
cover with cloth or double paper towel, secure with rubber band
put it in a nice warmish place.
do not disturb the jar.
WAIT at least 2-3 weeks
(mine was in the jar for 24 days.  photo below)
DONE...proceed to brewing homemade kombucha

 raw GT scoby day 24
about 1/2 of the original kombucha liquid has evaporated...or been eaten? 
there seems to be a few layers in there.


surprize!...3 scobys developed after 24 days
i thought i better put them in a hotel of some sort, so i added 2 cups tea sweetened with 1/8th cup sugar and put them in a new clean jar (along with the liquid they were growing in)  until i have time for another brewing...i already have 2 separate gallon jars brewing now....YIKES !

 it seems this looks like a super "clean" it needs to grow some "ewe factor".  i will let you know what happens after the first brew...

UPDATE... 11-5-13
as you can see from the photo, i started this experiment 8-14-13.  then i moved them to a hotel for a few weeks.  on 9-17-13 i started the batch with the new scobys.  i put all three small discs in to brew.  within a few days the new larger baby scoby started to form.
I WAITED ABOUT 16 DAYS for the brew to finish...


UPDATE 1-31-14
i have continued to this date to make 6 more DELICIOUS batches...
AND... my scoby hotel is more like a "RESORT"

in conclusion...there is no need to hunt down a scoby or pay for a kit with shipping and handling.  all you need is a little patience and a few bucks for a bottle of GT's RAW ORIGINAL KOMBUCHA


Samantha said...

Another post hit outta the park! I am going to start mine this weekend. The updates really put the icing on this post too.

Jules and Ruby said...

hi happy happy happy you are gonna try this. i just love these weird experiments. i will post about the bottling and second fermentation soon. your new scoby should be ready in about 21 days so i'll post it by then...keep me posted on how it's going

Anonymous said...

Can I use the liquid I made my scoby with to start another scoby by adding more sweet tea? I removed the scoby I grew in it to start brewing kombucha and hate to throw out this nice liquid. I was told that it was too strong to drink, so I thought maybe it could take the place of the raw kombucha I used when I started growing my scoby, to start growing a new scoby.

Mingnlu said...

Hi, I'm going to try this, but with a different brand (new one out in West Australia). I have the original organic version which is fizzy, was yours fizzy when you started your home made Scoby?

kvepalai said...

thanks, this post is great

Grace Yeager said...

Can I use GTS cranberry kombucha??

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