Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Chicharones


a delicacy that only come around ONCE A YEAR
please excuse the quick's the only pic i got before they were GOBBLED UP !!!

save as much skin as you can
(from your roasted turkey) 
large pieces, if possible.
bake in oven as you would BACON.

line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.
start in cold oven at 380-390 F
(i use convection)
set timer for 15 minutes
check and flip
set timer again for 5 minute intervals until done
keep a close eye and flip again for even crisping
set on paper towels to cool



joanna said...

girl, i am cracking up. i'm sitting here eating crispy baked turkey skins, and i decide to go on chowstalker to look at today's recipes.

low and behold, your beautiful photo of turkey skins shows up!!! i was like "omg, this girl and me would be best friends!" i took pictures of my turkey skins this morning and posted them on facebook. i'm glad i'm not the only girl who has a major love crispy skin!!

that reminds me, that recipe of your crispy skin pork is the only pork recipe i make these days. just got a nice pork butt and plan on making it this week. i am surprised i am not 300 lbs yet.

Jules and Ruby said...

so glad to hear from did i know this would catch your attention. i love that you were snacking on "skins" as you found this.
funny thing happened to me...i cooked these up and quickly posted the picture yesterday morning. then, later in the day i was watching a previously recorded Thanksgiving Iron Chef special and, don't ya just know it...there was Alex Guarnscheli sprinkling some "TURKEY CHICHARONES" on a salad. i couldn't believe it. i laughed so hard. i would love to get a hold of more skins and actually fry them like real chicharones as she did...YUM
thanks for your great report on the crispy skin pork shoulder-butt. i think i'll do another soon.

Cinnamonbite Zazzle said...

Oh wow, I bet that works on chicken skins too, like the kind that you roast but don't get crisp enough and are disappointing? Yeah, I'm SOOOO doing this next time I have failed skins!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Cinnamonbite...YES chicken skin is super good AND more available ! there is a chef in LA (from "Top Chef"), i think his name is Elan, he makes a BLT using crispy chicken skin instead of bacon. YUM! there is NO substitute for bacon, BUT...i think i would definitely be okay with crispy skin of any sort.
i wish i could just get a hold of a bunch of skin and cook it up in one big batch.

darbas anglijoje said...

thanks this post very nice

Unknown said...

I dream of mass-producing these, in snack format. Can the skin survive a quick deep fry if cut to, say 3 x 1"?

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