Sunday, December 30, 2012

"Half Pops" and Bacon Chocolate Cups ...YUM !

crunchy sweet savory
party in your mouth.


have you discovered HALFPOPS yet ?!

these are genius in a bag.  you know that crunchy "half popped" little kernel you search for at the bottom of the bowl of pop corn?...well, someone has discovered a way to package those crunchy little bits.  every tiny niblet in the bag is perfectly half popped to perfection.  i haven't run into a solid kernel yet.  how do they do it ?!

an easy party treat to throw together.  this was actually one of my first chocolates this season and it's also the one that everybody flipped over.  not many people have experienced "HALFPOPS" and i'm surprised how many people still haven't hopped on the CHOCOLATE BACON TRAIN...

put all three together and you have a winner !


1# pound (measurement in the raw) of bacon, cooked extra crispy
1# pound of good dark chocolate..."TEMPERED" is best
1 bag of "HALFPOPS" butter and sea salt flavor
1/4 tsp ground chipotle...optional
smoked salt for a sprinkle on top...optional

more of an idea than a recipe, but here it goes...
IN A NUT SHELL... all you're doing is adding bacon and halfpops to tempered chocolate and spooning it into little candy cups.  you chose the ratio of bacon to halfpops.  i didn't measure, but don't skimp on the bacon.

i would cook the whole pound of bacon, but save about 1/5 (cooked) of it for those last few candy cups at the end.
start with about one cup of the half pops and 4/5 of the bacon...add more in when necessary.  i like a lot of chocolate so i make sure the chocolate is filling the cup with no air pockets.  it makes it easier if you place the paper cups in a mini muffin tin.  when all are filled, give them a tap on the counter to settle the chocolate.  sprinkle with a little smoked salt if you want before the chocolate sets.
i really suggest tempering your chocolate because these will have a better snappy chocolate  crunch and will hold up better if giving as party favors.  click HERE for a post i did with some tips and tricks i've learned so far about "tempered "chocolates.
i added more half pops and bacon towards the have some extra on hand just in case you need to get that last bit of chocolate out of the bowl and into a candy cup...not your mouth!


Kate | Food Babbles said...

You're an evil genius!! I'm a Half Pops addict and well, what's not to like about bacon and chocolate? These little cups sound incredible.

Jules and Ruby said...

HI Kate...oooh those halfpops are good aren't they? i sprinkle them on everything...even my greek yogurt and raspberries in the early am. thanks for the comment

Sohroosh, HALFPOPS said...

These look so good! We'll have to try making these back at HALFPOPS HQ. Thank you for sharing the recipe, Jules (and Ruby)!

Jules and Ruby said...

Sohroosh...HI...i'm so absolutely esctatic you found my post about your delicious HALFPOPS. i wish i worked at HALFPOPS HQ. thanks for the comment and i'll come up with some more goodies using your fabulous product.

Alicia Conway said...

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By the way, I followed you up with GFC, it'd be great if you follow me back.

Sohroosh, HALFPOPS said...

Thank you, Jules!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Alicia...thanks for stopping by. i'll have MORE chocolate goodies for ya soon.
PS...not sure what "GFC" is, so i can't follow. hope to here from you again...J

Anti Money Laundering said...

Wow, this really looks delicious, brilliant idea you have, thank you for sharing.

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