Wednesday, July 4, 2012


YES...hands down


1.  buy some good rib eye.
2.  grind the meat yourself.
3.  don't pack the patty.
4.  cast iron skillet, searing hot
5.  medium rare is the way to go...
6.  remove from skillet before you think it's done.
7.  rest the meat!
8.  top with Saint Agur cheese while resting
9.  keep additions and condiments to a bare minimum.
10.  enjoy!

now go in for another before they're gone.

start with good rib eye.  look for nice marbling.  fat is a must.  you will be slicing the meat in strips, as shown, and feeding it into the hopper so a big huge plump rib eye is not necessary.
sprinkle the strips with a little onion powder and garlic powder (i prefer powder to salt) before feeding into hopper.

make sure all of your utensils and grinder parts are clean...clean...clean

feed the meat strips through the large hole cutter plate once...then change to the smaller holes and send it through again.  make sure you have a "stomper".  do not push through with your fingers.  ya never know...

when the meat has stopped flowing through, send a slice or two of bread through the grinder to help push the last of the meat don't want to waste an me.

handle the ground meat as little as possible.
as mentioned, DO NOT PACK YOUR PATTIES.  with all the trouble you've gone to extruding the meat, you don't want to wad this beautiful tender meat into a hard ball.
i used a biscuit cutter for a mold...lightly filled it and pressed it just enough for it to hold together.
salt and pepper the patties.

i am now a true believer in CAST IRON SKILLETS.
get it searing hot.  do not move the burger.  flip once.
again, as mentioned...remove from skillet before you think it's perfect.  it will cook considerably while resting.

i highly suggest topping with a square of SAINT AGUR CHEESE.  if you're not into bluesy cheeses, then a nice pat of butter will always suffice for that extra little unctuous trick.
let the burger rest at least 5 minutes.

choose your condiments wisely...
you do not want to interfere with the flavor and texture of this burger 
i feel like i created a burger from will too.
i never even made it to the table

now say it with me...
"i will never buy pre-ground meat again !!!


مطبخ رمضان said...

thanks alot very much

goldleaf2 said...

I made these the other night and hands down the best burger I have ever made I usually grind my own meat but usually chuck steak all I can say is OMG!!!! Thanks

Jules and Ruby said...

hey Goldleaf2...isn't it just sooooo much better than the regular burger meat? thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

I'll be making this burger on Christmas Day...and I will report back! Can't wait~! Jim

Jules and Ruby said...

hi glad to hear from you on this one. you'll be amazed how delicious the fresh ground rib eye is. can't wait to hear how good your burger is...and what else you do with it.

Anonymous said...

acypsoblunderWe made the ground steak burgers tonight. They were fabulous! I don't think I'll go back to store burger again. I made a pork belly for Xmas and it was sublime, although a bit tooooo unctuous for regular consumption.

Love the site,

Bruce, Joyce and Monty

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Bruce, Joyce AND Monty !
what a great comment, thank you so much...made my day. yes, the belly IS a bit over the top for every day consumption...maybe every other day? i think i'm about do for another.

Anonymous said...

We made steak burgers again tonight from the rest of the steak from earlier. Excellent again. We want to thank you for introducing the term 'FULL WHACK". We are having fun with it. It's been -18 F here for the past few days, we have had the heat "full whack".

I'd like to ad our photo but it won't go.. i'm a computer klutz.

Bruce & Joyce & Monty

Jules and Ruby said...

Hey B, J & M...maybe start a blog and get those photos on there so i could see your meaty creations. "full whack" is funny, isn't it. i first heard it from Jamie Oliver on his show. guys should try the recipe for 8 hour pork shoulder/butt with crispy skin...another "full whack-er". i'll move the photo with the link up near the top right.

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