Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Depression Era Oatmeal BACON FAT Cookies

did your Grandma keep a coffee tin on the back of the stove for BACON GREASE?
mine did.  she used that darn bacon grease for everything. butter and fancy oils weren't used for "saute-ing" in those was more like frying. AND...butter was expensive!, bacon fat was almost a freebie.  besides,  i don't think my Grams knew what the term "saute" meant...
 but what ever it was, when Grandma made always tasted better.  
i think it was all in the BACON FAT!

my Grandma lived 'til 108 !

i found this recipe kind of out of necessity... i, for some unknown reason, have accumulated loads of delicious BACON FAT ! little tupperwares tucked neatly on the bottom shelf of the overcrowded fridge hiding in the way back so as not to be discovered by the fridge police.  i had to find a use for it...
i knew if i already put bacon IN the cookie, why couldn't i use the fat as butter...just one animal fat for the other....because we all know...

butter IS fabulous...but...BACON FAT IS PHENOMENAL !!!

photos shown are with roasted-salted peanuts, peanut butter chips and flax

 posted by Adrianna and Caroline at A Cozy Kitchen
i adapted it ever so slightly

3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp maple extract if adding pecans instead of chocolate
3/4 cup BACON temp...SEE NOTES*
2 cups old fashion rolled oats
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cups flour...i used white whole wheat
4 pieces of bacon...HA !!!...I USED 8-10 slices cut or crumbled into fairly large pieces
i added 1/2 (give or take) cup mini chocolate chips in my 1st batch...
2nd time i used 1 cup lightly toasted pecans
3rd batch was with salted-roasted Virginia peanuts, 1/3 cup p-nut butter chips and 1 heaping Tbsp of flax seeds

preheat oven to 375 F
in a mixer combine the sugars and bacon fat until fluffy and light in color
*NOTE...i think it could handle almost 1 while cup of fat....also, i refrigerate the fat after cooking the bacon to solidify...then remove it and bring it to room temp...this works better from my experience than using it in it's liquid oil/fat form
add the egg and vanilla extract and combine well.
in a separate bowl combine the oats, flour, baking soda, salt and spices
in the mixer add the oat/flour mixture to the wet mixture in 3 batches and mix 'til just combined.  don't over mix, because you still need to add your goodies
stir or fold in your bacon and choc. chips or nuts or whatever...(cranberries a good add?)
 on ungreased or, i prefer parchment lined cookie sheet... make some round large tablespoon-walnut size balls and flatten slightly.   depending on how big you like your cookies will determine how flat...bake for  approx. 10 minuted or until done...i suggest doing a tester...all bacon fat is not equal and regulated like butter, so i say do a tester and check out how much your batch will spread.  also, the white whole wheat flour makes a hearty dough.

the pictures shown are of the cookies i added peanuts, peanut butter chips and a Tbsp of flax.  these are quite hearty cookies.  the dough seemed dry-ish and didn't really spread, so i flattened them with the bottom of a glass.  they turned out more of a crunchy cookie than chewy....DELICIOUS !

i've made these 3 times.  1st time was straight from the original recipe, then i started to change it up a bit with some spices and a little flax.  the sweet-savory factor is fabulous.  i prefer the strong flavor of apple wood smoked bacon fat, but any good bacon fat will do.

oh yeah...more notes... i like to cook my bacon in the oven on an aluminum lined cookie sheet.  half way through i pour off the fat and reserve in a heat proof tupperware...then continue cooking bacon until crispy...again pour off fat and reserve.


jenbryson said...

I would never have thought to use bacon fat in cookies, but now I really want to try this out!

Jules and Ruby said...

note to my fabulous sorry, i got my photos mixed up with another great bacon fat cookie recipe. these fatter crunchy cookies are from this recipe. i'll post the next one asap. it's another great bacon fat oatmeal cookie that has a chewy texture. i've been cookin' so many things i got them mixed up...woops

Cubicle said...

Bacon fat! These look delicious. Can't wait to give them a try!

Shai said...

Thank you! I just found your site and LOVE it! Was looking for a good bacon fat cookie recipe and I like your style. One note: I cook my bacon in the oven too, but I now use the broiler pan so it drains off and I don't have to mess with it as much. I tried doing the bacon in the broiler before, but it is too easy to burn it.

grokdog said...

I do mine in the oven too but on an aluminum foil covered sheet tray. I can make a spout out of the foil and drain it right into my bacon fat mug.

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