Monday, October 11, 2010


baked oatmeal...PUMPKIN baked oatmeal even better.
this one is fantastic.  it's not only delicious, but it's full of protein and good carbs to get your morning started right and keep you going through the day.  i've made this one quite a few times and it seems to be a big hit.  i found the original recipe posted HERE at Inn  many many thanks to Sandie for this great find. 
the first time i made it as the original recipe states...wonderful.  then i thought i would take Sandie's advice and make it my own.  i always try to sneak a little extra protein in my breakfast foods so i added some vanilla whey protein powder.  if you've ever cooked with protein powder you know it can be a hit or miss.  just one scoop added here works really well, but if you don't have any don't worry...i also exchanged splenda for the sugar, eggbeaters for the real eggs and used skim milk only...came up with a protein packed, low fat, waist-friendly delicious breakfast treat.

on with the recipe...don't be alarmed at the sight of cottage cheese in the ingredients.  there's a reason why it's not called "Cottage Cheese Oatmeal Bake"...would you have read this far?  sounds weird, but you would never know it's in there.  i happen to love cottage cheese, but others might not be so keen at first bite.

please check out the original and other great goodies by Sandie. 

1 3/4 COOKED multi-grain oatmeal (or 2 c. if not using 1/4 c. wheat bran)
1/4 c. wheat bran ( see above note)
1 Tsp flax
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 cup cottage cheese
1 cup fat free milk
1/2 cup egg beaters OR 2 eggs
1/4 cup slpenda
1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1/2 tsp pumpkin spice
1/2 tsp cinnamon
approx 1/4 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
1/2 tsp vanilla (or 1 tsp if not using maple extract)
1/2 tsp maple extract

preheat oven to 325 F degrees.  coat 2 qt. baking dish with oil of your choice...i used coconut oil.

first let your oatmeal cool down a bit.  then in a large mixing bowl blend everything in an electric mixer until smooth.  pour into prepared 2 qt. baking dish and place in 325 F oven (i have my convection at 320 F.).  bake for approx. 1 hour or until edges are golden brown and center is set.  i start checking mine after 45 mins. because i vary the ingredients  with different flavor combos...
let it cool a bit and serve...
it's great hot or cold...or what i like to do is bake it on a Sunday and refrigerate over night.  it will cut into nice squares for easy reheating through the week.  serve with some maple syrup OR better yet...have you met the GINGER PEOPLE?...the ginger syrup is fabulous!...everything the ginger people make is fabulous.  the ginger syrup, some fresh berries and a little Greek vanilla yogurt is my kinda "power-up breakfast"'s gonna be a great day! 


Cara said...

ooh. I'm in a terribly bad habit of not leaving myself enough time to cook breakfast lately (though rather than not eat, I just end up getting to work a little later, oops!) Bookmarking this for sure.

Anonymous said...

i definitely could use some friendliness around my waist. this looks like a good one!

Glenda said...

I'm definitely going to give this a try - looks wonderful!!
Yes, I have heard of the Ginger People. I put their ginger syrup (and greek yogurt) on my spiced oatmeal every time!

The Enchanted Cook said...

Hi Jules - what a perfect and healthy fall breakfast! Your photos are amazing!


Protein Girl said...

This looks so good!!!Great job!
I often make oatmeal bakes in the morning, and I NEVER tire of them! So many ways to make them! I recommend trying to make a savory oat bake! Cheese, oats, eggs, scallions, onion, spinach, pepper, tomoato etc... so good!

Dana said...

How many servings does this make? Looks delish!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Dana...i think when i make it in a square glass 2qt pyrex it makes 9...or in a rectangular 2qt i can get 12...depends on how hungry and who's eatin'. as i recall this freezes pretty well. i haven't made it in quite a while so thanks for the comment and reminding me it's time for some pumpkin goodies.

KWebb said...

This sounds delicious. Is it 2 cups of oatmeal prior to cooking or post cooking? Thanks!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Kwebb...2 cups "cooked" oatmeal...measured after cooking. i hope you like it. thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

This was a disappointment. I followed the instructions exactly and was unhappy with the mushy consistency, even after baking it longer than the recommended 60 min. I don't see any comments here from folks who have made this.

Thanks posting some healthy, balanced recipes, this one just didn't work out for me.

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Anonymous...sorry you didn't like it, but i appreciate the report. it is a bit mushy when served warm. it kind of resembles an "oatmeal custard" ?... in the photo it was probably chilled so it held it's shape. i usually eat it cold or slightly warmed. thanks again for the comment...J

Anonymous said...

Does this oatmeal bake have wwpp value?

Jules and Ruby said...

hi Anonymous...sorry to get back so late. is wwpp weight watchers?...i'm not sure what that value would be, but this is pretty healthy so maybe you could work with it. thanks for stopping by

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