Wednesday, July 7, 2010


woops...i almost for got about this delicious soup. i'm so behind with my posts that i almost left this one behind. can't do that. this one is good and easy...a little time consuming if you're fussy about presentation like me. i think the sweetness of the apricots really works well with the savory roasted vegetables. i love the texture of lentils when they are cooked just right...tender to the bite, but still in their cute flying saucer shape. keep it monochromatic for an interesting presentation...anything orange is fun to work with. always bright, flavorful and comforting.


1 cup red (orange) lentils
4-5 cups good chicken stock (homemade best, of course)
2 Tbsp olive oil
1/2 large onion. diced
1-3 cloves garlic. minced
1 tsp oregano
a pinch of cayenne
salt and pepper to taste after cooking
3 carrots
2 cups banana squash or butternut. peeled, cubed
1 orange pepper large dice
5-10 garlic cloves for roasting (optional)
feta for topping (optional)
approx 10 dried apricots (whole)

make the lentil a soup pan saute the onion and garlic. add the stock and lentils and bring to a boil. lower heat and cook until tender. i like my lentils to keep their shape so i pull them before they get mushy. remember they will continue cooking as you reheat the soup. check seasoning.
roast your vegetables at 350 degrees approx 20 minutes. olive oil, salt, and pepper. keep an eye on them and stir to brown all sides
3 med. carrots. sliced large
2 cups small cubed squash. i used banana squash. peeled, of course
garlic...i always throw in a bunch of garlic cloves when roasting veg. just to have on hand and/or add this to the soup/stew for extra yummy goodness
saute the apricots...i used a little olive oil and sauteed, or rather, seared the dried apricots. you could saute them with a little garlic and onion if you wanted, but i didn't. i left them whole so i could brown each side....dice when browned

serving your soup/stew plate. if you're one of those "on-the-ball-cooks" you'll have everything hot at the same time...not so in this kitchen. i have to bring everything back to temp. before serving.

i like this soup thick and layered...lentils (drain off some broth if necessary) then roasted vegetables then crumbled feta (optional)then diced sauteed apricots on top.

note...stir and reheat lentils carefully because they can turn to mush and lose their shape quickly.

if your not into the fuss and presentation just throw everything in, serve and enjoy. i thought the sauteed apricots really worked well with the roasted veg, garlic and the kick of heat from the cayenne. sweet...savory...spicy equals YUM in my book


Tiffiny Felix said...

Oh, I love this! I never would have thought to add squash to lentil soup, I can't wait to try it *:)*

Cara said...

I love anything with winter squash, even when it's not winter - sounds especially delicious with the sweetness from the apricots. I'm pretty sure that's not a fruit I've paired with squash before!

Stella said...

Oh my Gosh, you have a black background to your blog. It's so rare that I find someone/a blog with that. I immediately like you and swear allegiance (smile/kidding).
I saw this soup on F.G.-lentil is one of my favorites and yours looks wonderful.

Joanne said...

I love anything that involves butternut squash...especially when prepared with something sweet like apricots! Great dish.

Marcie said...

This sounds amazingly good. I think I will make it while on vacation with family. They would be disapointed if I did not try something new. I think they are in for a real treat.

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