Tuesday, September 8, 2009

JUST FRUIT...simple and perfect.

this summer has been so full of beautiful fruit. what is one to do when it all comes to an end?
who am i kidding..i live in so. California where you can get anything anytime...
if you're willing to pay the price. sometimes the price can be a bit steep. blueberries for $5.99 for the tiny little box?..can't do it. i know, i could use frozen, but i can't do it. i need to feel and hear that slight crunch and pop of the fresh blueberry skin busting open in my mouth. and all the stone fruits?...they will soon be gone. melons, oh i'm sure you could find a cantalope grown from somewhere and it would do. let's see...pears?...they'll be good for a while, but get one or two bad ones and they'll turn you off from buying any for a while. you know...the pithy kind.
PAPAYA...oooh the papayas. they can have their own paragraph. actually papayas and MANGOS. i think my obsession with these two started on my trip to Mexico at the beginning of summer. when i got back they were just coming in. huge mangos for .79-.99 cents each and those enormous 3-4 lb.'r papayas from Mexico, i was lucky to find at my favorite Mexican market for .79 cents a pound. i bought one the size of my head and the bill was 1.79 (note to self...i have to go get another tomorrow).
i've used this summer's fruit many times in recipes throughout the season, you can check out a few in my posts...now i wish i would have done more.
BUT, one of my new favorite ways to enjoy my morning fruit bowl is with a sprinkle of chili de arborl and a drizzle of maple syrup. it's especially good on the mago, papaya, melon bowl. i crave the sweet spicy combo on just about anything, but this is my favorite way to start the day.
so what will you do when all this good, beautiful bounty comes to an end?...any ideas?...or is it gonna be all apples and oranges from here on out?!..

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