Monday, October 27, 2008

basa (swai) pan seared with toasted almonds

sunday night dinner....pan seared BASA aka SWAI...with sauteed/toasted almonds and fresh cilantro
...this fish is excelent...very clean, light, white fish. i'd say a cross between orange roughy and talapia. easy to cook, easy to thaw (i believe it's from Vietnam, so usually frozen)
my quick & easy method is...spray olive oil in a non stick pan...high heat...slightly spray filet with butter spray....sear the pretty side first, when you see it is a nice golden brown, flip fish, cover and turn off heat...should be done in just a couple mins.


wendy said...

looks soooo good

Tommy said...

hey your blog..yummy yummy..gonna try some things..i wanna send you a fish soup recipe I made up when I was staying there in Newport and hitting the Dory fishermans market at the pier on the might enjoy..fairly easy...heres my email drop a line if you

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