Thursday, May 14, 2009


a perfect recipe for a first time tart. actualy, i dodn't think you could go wrong with this one...easy crust, easy filling, but you do want to watch it towards the end in the oven so as not to burn the we all know is too easy to do.

recipe found here... many thanks to "Our Best Bites"

this is one deliciously dence "spot on"crunchy almond, chewie toffee, buttery crust tart. it would definitely be a winner at any party, but i fear it would not make it out of the house.

i must say, i'm a little proud of my first tart. the shell, or crust, is simple and quick. it turned out quite crumbly, but maybe that's my fault for not pressing it down enough. maybe it's supposed to be that way because it did turn out light and good.

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