Monday, August 13, 2012

Raspberry Lemon Thyme Jam

best get on the move if making Raspberry Jam
these gems are going up up UP $$$

raspberries are one of my favorite fruits. i wish i could have them year 'round, but they get so darn expensive and i feel guilty buying them too often during winter, i have jam
beautiful bright red sparkling raspberry jam

this jam is pretty straight up bright raspberry with a zing of lemon and just a hint of something herbalicious.  the lemon thyme isn't all that noticeable, but it does give a note of something extra.  with my limited experience, i have found when using fresh herbs it's best to put in more than you think...i always wish i would have used a little more.  maybe adding some  dried in as well, might up the herb flavor a bit, but when fresh is available in the garden...i must use fresh.
be careful...there is a fine line when adding herbs and spices to jam.  it's too easy to over do it and ruin the fruity flavor so make sure you do your taste test.  i have found the canned jars that have been sitting for a few weeks taste different, maybe better than the ones that were just refrigerated.
i guess it will take a little more than one season of experience.
i haven't opened a jar of this for a few weeks so...
 maybe the thyme has had time to infuse a little more?...we'll see.

now...get jammin'


2 1/2 pounds fresh raspberries
3 3/4 cups sugar
3 Tbsp lemon thyme...maybe a little more if using lemon thyme? regular thyme might be more potent
1 vanilla bean, scraped
zest from 1 lemon, peeled with a potato peeler and cut into very thin slivers
juice from 1 lemon

sterilize jars and lids.
place a couple of small plates in the freezer for plate testing.
start your huge pot for the water bath canning process.
wash raspberries gently and let drain as much as possible.  i line a cookie sheet with paper towels and put berries in a single layer to dry a little.
peel lemon with a potato peeler in long strips and then cut them in to very fine slivers.   you can use a microplane, but i like to see and taste a snappy zing of lemon.  place everything in a large, high sided stainless steel heavy bottom pot...might foam up so high sides prevent overflow.
start on low until sugars dissolve and mixture becomes more liquid.  turn to medium boil and stir gently until 220 degrees...might be 15-20-25 minutes.  do not walk away.  stir gently every now and then.  DO A PLATE TEST.  skim off any foam that you can, don't get to obsessed with this.  if your plate test is good...ladle into sterilized jars remove any air pockets and process in a water bath for 10 minutes.

as i've said before...i am no canning expert, this is my first year.  i have produced quite a few delicious jams and preserves, but i have not tested their shelf life over a few months.  i hope to have loads to give as X-Mas gifts...we'll far so good.
please refer to websites with all the "how-to's".
here's a great place to start...Canning 101, the basics by Simple Bites

above is an example of the lemon slivers i suggested in the recipe


Anonymous said...

This looks delicious! About how many jars (and what size jars) did this recipe fill?

Jules and Ruby said... sorry i missed getting back to you. i would go count, but i forgot how many i gave away. i bet it's about 4-5 half pint jars total...i tend to use different size jars. some tiny, some tall and some short and fat, but Martha's original recipe makes about five 8 oz jars and i adapted this recipe from hers...the link is in the post. sorry for the delayed answer...jules

Anonymous said...

I am making this jam, today! I just made a Blueberry Basil jam, with lime instead of lemon... perhaps your next recipe?! :) Thanks for sharing!

Jules and Ruby said...

hi anonymous... i made some blackberry vanilla bean basil jam a while back, but i love the lime instead of lemon. i think i WILL do something with some lime soon...thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

well, it looks like you created a wonderful jam, canning expert or not :-)

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