Saturday, August 22, 2009



if i could just put a touch of bacon in everything, i think i'd be happy...

well, let me rethink that...i'm already pretty happy!
AND, i already DO try to put a little bacon in everything!

oh, and don't forget the spice. i have to have a bit of (who am i kidding)...ALOT of spicy heat in everything i eat. my breakfast usually has 3 kinds of peppers in it. lunch? pepperocini and Sarachi, and dinner? Tapatio and jalapenos on the side.

do they make a flamin' hot toothpaste?

i found this brittle recipe at
i did, however, add some vanilla. i read in a Betty Crocker recipe to...
liquify the 1 tsp baking soda with 1 tsp vanilla and 1 tsp water.
i think it makes it easier this way.
also this recipe calles for 2 c. chopped peanuts (i prefer wholes and halves) AND, i think it needs more than 2 c.
use thick bacon cooked however you do it best, but make it CRISPY.
for the spice i used red pepper flakes (use at your discretion)
add all your extras when you add the peanuts according to the recipe
oh...and i used good large roasted salted Virginia peanuts
always use a GOOD candy thermometer. i learned the hard way. a few recipes down the drain and a few lame thermometers melted and/or returned.
have fun...


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! Once my husband hears of this I know he'll want it by the pound!!!

Jessica said...

This looks so delicious! Who would have known bacon would taste good in a dessert? But then again, as you pointed out, bacon in anything is enough to make a gal happy!

Daniel S. said...

Wow this looks really good and I would actually eat this for breakfast--I mean, it has bacon after all :)

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